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Company profile

Company profile

Baoding Zhongtian Textile Co., Ltd., Zhongjia Chuangchuang Household Textile Co., Ltd., Zhongji Chuangjia Home Textile Co., Ltd., Home Textiles, Towel Towels, Home Supplies, Household Fashions, Hot Pillows, Tian products. Zhongtian official phone: 0312-6655345 Baoding Zhongtian Textile Co., Ltd., in response to the party and the country called the "public entrepreneurs Peoples Innovation" in our existing industrial belt on the basis of the textile factory Union, Fully reflect the Internet + thinking, open up new marketing channels, the current public products in the field: Alibaba, Tao...


Our service advantage

Professional R & D team The company has the scale of production and processing cut storage sales integration, and in the country there are many Yingtong entities shop agent joined. The company also continue to attract domestic professional nursery clothing talents to join the domestic and international outstanding cotton materials for the leading selection of our products organic color cotton series of non-chemical ignition, natural health and environmental protection...



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